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Our Stories – 15/08/2017

In Our Stories everyone enjoyed the ambience and pop up garden outside Artcore! Participants created beautiful rag rug flowers, birds and fish whilst others created fabric pictures. The atmosphere was great as everyone stayed for lunch afterwards to celebrate 70 years of India’s independence with the local community.  

Joys of Creation – 10/08/2017

In this session of Joys of Creation, participants were finishing off tote bags that they had been decorating as well as discovering the joys of marbling.  

Our Stories – 08/08/2017

“We spoke about what each of u would paint if we could paint one thing for the world. Then we created designs for fabric bags. Some used fabric paint, others used crayons and pens. Participants learnt new skills and were able to share together, as well as help eachother with techniques. There was good social

Admire and Inspire Celebration Event

Admire and Inspire Celebration Event During the Admire and Inspire project Artcore engaged with over 100 children over four Schools and two community centres in the local area to break down barriers and work collaboratively to create large collective mosaics. We engaged young people in creative, constructive activities and provided an opportunity to encourage further

Joys of Creation – 03/08/2017

“We used fabric paint and ens to create individual designs for fabric bags. Many spent a long time designing something and some wanted to continue next time they came in to Artcore i order to paint the other side and add beads or sequins. The participants learned how to use fabric paint and pens. The

Our Stories – 01/08/2017

“Today we chatted as a group about what we enjoyed the most during the summer and then created textile collages based on this.  Some of us chose to create watercolour paintings instead.  Others chose to use the materials in different ways; for example: puppets or jewellery!” “Together we learned different techniques including: applique and fabric

Joys of Creation – 27/07/2017

The group completed textile applique pieces from last week adding embellishments. All participants had the choice whether to create fabric beach hut bunting poems or create an ink wash to write their poems on. Everybody had a good time and were very happy with their artworks

Our Stories – 25/07/2017

The participants got to talking about where they would fly, if they could and why. Each person got stuck into using pen and paper to create bird Zentangles, with the option of creating imaginary birds from textiles as well. Everybody learned how to create Zentangles and use the concept in other themes. Overall, the session

Joys of Creation – 13/07/2017

In this session of Joys of Creation  each participant finished decorating their hand castings. Each and every one of them looked amazing! Additionally we were joined by some new participants who made pots from air-dryed clay.   One of the participants in the session said “Loved every minute of the class, thank you so much”

Our Stories – 18/07/2017

The group session was used to complete their Story-Books.  Most of the group were very close to finishing their work and they also used some of their spare time to creatively embellish their work to a higher level. Each participant had their own story book style but each had a: title page, script page, set/scenery
The participants really enjoyed working with jewellery in this session. Each person drew their design out onto pieces of paper before beginning to create their colourful and creative bracelets and necklaces. Everyone was very proud of what they had created.

Our Stories – 11/07/2017

The participants had fun continuing their story books by adding to their script and cover designs.  Next week they will be completing the books where the group will be encouraged to read their scripts and share their stories.