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Joys of Creation – 18/05/2017

The participants continued to add more to their paper mache globes. They also got the chance to paint them in order to begin decorating them in the next session.

Joys of Creation – 11/05/2017

Participants were finishing doing their paper mache for their globe designs in preparation for the decoration stage

Joys of Creation – 04/05/2017

The class were preparing their paper mache artworks for decoration for the following week. They will be decorating these with their own unique ideas of designs

Joys of Creation – 27/04/2017

In the Alison Solomon’s first session, participants were tasked with creating artworks based around their favourite foods using pages from magazines for decoration. The topic of food really brought everyone together.

Joys of Creation – 13/04/2017

The class of Joys of Creation got stuck in with creating their own designs on transparent sheets. They had a selection of materials available to use to construct their own artwork.

Joys of Creation – 06/04/2017

In this workshop for Joys of Creation, a range of images and photos of objects were displayed. Participants either drew their own interpretation of the pictures or create their own art using ideas from the images.

Joys of Creation – 30/03/2017

In this session, artifacts were brought in from Access Artefacts enabling them to derive inspiration and creative ideas for their art pieces. The artifacts involved a range of intriguing objects of different shapes and sizes each with their own story to tell.

Joys of Creation – 23/03/2017

The first session led by artist Helen Jackson involved participants creating their own unique patterns with the medium of block printing

Joys of Creation – 09/03/2017

The Joys of Creation participants were looking at blossoms in this session. They were able to use watercolours to produce their own blossom inspired artworks

Joys of Creation – 02/03/2017

This session of Joy of Creation looked at drawing and painting ideas using inspiration from a table display of shells, rocks and various objects from the seaside
The launch event for the exhibition to celebrate ‘The music of Courtly India’ on Friday 5th May 2017. We’re thrilled to be working with the Derby Museum on this project. It was fantastic to see original Ragamala paintings, enjoyed the melodious music by Surtal Arts and great to see some of the guests joining in

Joys of Creation – 23/02/2017

Participants in this session looked at rainforests such as the trees, plants and animals that are present there. One of the participants used watercolours to paint a parrot