NCS Summer 11/08/2016

On the last week of NCS, participants added their finished works to the final mural. Some working together, they managed to complete the mural with a total of 250 tiles!

NCS Summer 04/08/2016

In this session, participants were encouraged to work in teams of 2 or 3 to create joint pieces of work that would be put together in the final mural.  

NCS Summer 22/07/2016

The group of NCS participants that started decorating the exterior came to Artcore to finish decorating, adding their NCS Team logo on one of the pillars as a reminder of their hard work

NCS Summer 21/07/2016

In this week of NCS, a group of NCS participants came to Artcore and gave the exterior a brand new look. They tidied up the car park, painted the walls and redecorated the flower bed.

NCS Summer 14/07/2016

The young people were shown a presentation showing the ethos behind NCS. Based on the presentation, the participants used acrylic paint to decorate tiles with their interpretation of the NCS ethos and their aspirations for the future.

NCS Summer 07/07/2016

NCS members participating in designing and producing artwork in order to promote The National Citizens Service and inspire more people to “Say yes to NCS”. The session was a huge success and the participants created some incredible pieces of work.

As a part of NCS programme Artcore is engaging young people from Derby College to find out about the voluntary sector and working in a charitable organisation. As a part our Invisible Boundaries project, we are inviting young people to visit the Arboretum Park and learn more about the history through walks, activities and research

NCS Derby Youth Activity

On 15th July 2014, Artcore, a host organisation for the visit of the NCS programme organised by Derby College. Around 25 young people visited Artcore and got an insight on how a Charity organisation operates. Young people got an opportunity to get involved in the Web of Water project, they viewed and got inspired by

On the 23rd of April, a group of 15 young adults from Derby College took part in a research and Find a Fact session as a part of the Web of Water project. As a part of their NCS visit, the young people got a tour of the building and also got an insight as

Creative Summer 2016

From the 7th July to the 11th August, NCS have worked with Artcore to create a mural consisting of 250 square tiles. Over the course of 6 weeks, 300 young people from NCS have been coming to Artcore to work on their tiles to create a mural that will be put up on the 12th

Artcore’s project INVISIBLE BOUNDARIES focuses on the rich diversity of communities that call Derby their home and explores what they have contributed to the country of their adoption as well the efforts made by England to offer them the embrace of equal opportunity and democratic living. The Invisible Boundaries has many levels of engagement locally,

Artworks created by the children and young people as a part of the Children and Water section of the project will be exhibited at The ICCA Nottingham, 99 Hucknall Road, NG5 1QZ Participants were encouraged to discover and research their local architectural and cultural heritage related to water, through accessing the materials available as well

Art In Education And Learning

We at Artcore encourage and involve people from all ages & abilities into art activities. Our engagement with various school clubs, youth groups, family learning initiatives and school curriculum workshops have resulted in great collaborations. We support and enhance skills of young people as they develop their understanding in different visual art mediums. In our workshops participants are encouraged to take control of their