See What People Say

  • Excellent, unveiling ceremony and general presentation it was really lovely to meet everyone and chat. Artcore is an organisation which helps so many different types of people of many different age groups.
    Bill May
  • Artcore should be an inspiration to us all. They are passionate, dedicated, hard- working and committed to all and everyone, it is a pleasure to know them.
    Ray Gumbley, Age UK
  • Tonight was a wonderful experience with lots of very friendly people. Artcore is a unique community arts based group. I have attended a workshop in pottery, at first I was hesitant to join in, but with lots of encouragement I was okay. I have made several pieces of pottery work; I am so pleased with my achievement and look forward to attending more workshops.
    Mary May
  • Very good! I am very happy to be involved in all the activities at Artcore. All the best for the future.
    Hasmukh Mistry, The I.C.C.A.
  • You’re all doing a fantastic job with involving the community in art work. It’s a pleasure to support Artcore and I really enjoy working with you all, well done.
    Liz Gumbley, Community Action
  • Friendly and flexible approach to taking arts to new users. Well done keep up the good work.
    Resham Aujla, The I.C.C.A
  • I am delighted to receive this painting; it is an excellent work of art by the diverse communities of Derby.
    Councillor Amar Nath
  • Many thanks for the kind invite to be at the presentation of the supervise painting, without a doubt the input on the painting is a credit to all concerned. It will certainly add splendour to the mayor’s parlour.
    Councillor Frank Harwood
  • Artcore are always professional inclusive and individual determined generous, they bring the best abilities of those they work with in an environment that is supportive and pressure free.
    Christine Bell, Adults, Health & Housing Derby City Council
  • I am very pleased to be here; excellent work of art, colourful and artistic work, wonderful.
    Mrs Nirmal Nath, The Mayoress of Derby
  • Artcore is vital to the diversity and cohesive nature of the city of Derby… it’s inspirational.
    Councillor Mick Barker
  • Artcore have been an inspirational organisation to work with everyone from Age UK, both staff and service users, have commented on the skills reliability and fun Artcore bring to each project that they have delivered at the centre. Thank you, I hope we work together again very soon.
    Teresa Williams, Age UK
  • Through this project, the children have gained confidence and pride in their work and achieved better team skills which is evident from the collaborative pieces developed as well as now having a more aspirational outlook thanks to positive reinforcement and praise, when often the children only hear negative messages.
    BBC Children In Need (Funder)
  • It was really engaging project for unemployed ladies. I was not originally an artist but here I learnt so many different art skills, painting, made jewellery, greeting cards for loved ones and many more. When I look back on them, I really feel very happy that I have made all this. Thanks to Artcore. We need more sessions like these.
    Workshop Participant
  • There was no patronising, no demands, only support. Quietly, they opened doors that I thought were now closed and gently led me through those doors, settling me down to work. Allowing me space and time, and giving continuous support, they began to bring out skills I didn’t know that I had and to make use of skills that I thought were no longer of much use if any. As a result, my confidence has now grown to the extent where I feel positive about getting back into work that I know I am able to do. Artcore has given me back my self - esteem and given me hope that there is a job that I can do, despite the difficulties that I once thought were barriers, but now see as obstacles to overcome and challenges to work through, being sure of success.
    Clarice Tulloch (Artcore Volunteer)
  • I enjoyed my residency at the arboretum; the central enquiry in the sculptural installation was the engagement with the public. The artworks main aim was to focus the park user’s attention to the ideas and understandings of desire lines, which the public subconsciously develop in urban spaces. I wanted to expand and have a better understanding of how I would like to continue developing the idea in the future. My continuing exploration was accomplished; this is a unique experience, which always throws up interesting discussions, opinions and understandings.
    Ivan Smith (Artist)
  • I found the Artcore team to be excellent at organizing and helping with the particular demands of my practice. I was delighted to do a talk on the relationship of my public works and texts to my wider practice and to advocate the necessity of art and social engagement to open Artcore’s project. This is my first engagement with Derby. It has been a positive one and I hope to work more with Artcore and the city. As with many of my works the process of material transformation will yield new knowledge for me
    John Newling (Artist)
  • It was nice to have the trust and freedom to go out and meet the community; and to apply my academic knowledge in a practical way. I enjoyed passing on my knowledge to the volunteers and interns who are also part of the Artcore team.
    Marketing Intern (Derby University)