Art For Life 06/07/2016

Our participants were hard at work designing, painting and working towards finishing their work.

Art For Life 05/07/2016

This session of Art for Life saw one of our participants studying a picture of a horse and sketching it onto an A3 piece of paper.

Art For Life 28/06/2016

This session saw one of our participants working on his mosaic based off of his canvas painting.

Art For Life 21/06/2016

Based off of the design of his canvas from the previous session, one of our participants sketched a design onto a wooden board and began sticking on the tiles for his mosaic.

Art For Life 15/06/2016

Participants experimented with acrylic paint on a canvas in this session. They sketched out their design first and then applied the paint to create their own masterpieces.

Art For Life 14/06/2016

Inspired by a picture of a pear tree branch, one of our participants sketched his design on to a canvas and started painting using acrylic paint.

Art For Life 05/04/2016

Using a selection of different coloured tissue paper, participants created collages inspired by nature.  

Art For Life 23/02/2016

Using a variety of mediums such as mosaics, collages and drawings, participants chose what they wanted to create

Art For Life 09/02/2016

Participants explored a wide range of mediums such as canvas painting using acrylic paints, collages and mosaic making to create their own artwork.

Art For Life 19/01/16

In this session of Art for Life, participants experimented with mixing different coloured acrylic paints to create a canvas. One of our participants finished off his very large painting of an abstract zebra.

Art For Life 12/01/2016

In this session of Art for life, participants were encouraged to be as creative as possible as they experimented with acrylic paints and collage work.

Joys of Creation

Joys of Creation, funded by Lottery Funded, offers art based activities aimed specifically at older people with Dementia, working with selected Residential homes in the area. The aim of the project is to work with the elderly and to encourage, stimulate and to develop relationships by sharing learning.

Art for Life

Artcore offers regular activities ‘Art for life’ every Tuesday 11am to 1pm supporting positive health and wellbeing. Weekly creative activities open for all ages of people with disability, learning difficulties or mental health problems. The sessions are Innovative and engaging, exploring a variety of arts mediums to spark creativity and expression whilst encouraging socialising and

Art for Life – 08/03/2016

Art for Life event marked the launch of the new exhibition, “DEHA (body) – A Celebration of life” by Arvind Suthar. Arvind Suthar is an artist from India and is sponsored by the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy (India) to feature his work at Artcore. There was lots of activities to try out. A motivating

Art for Life – 15/02/2016

Come and join us tomorrow for our ‘Art for Life’ workshop from 10am onward. Enjoy some art activities in different visual art mediums while making new friends. If you would like to book your place or want more information, contact us via E-mail or Phone: T +44 (0) 1332 384561 Email: