Joys of Creation – 09/02/2017

The second Joys of Creation workshop was an exciting opportunity for the participants to get hands on experience creating their own interpretation and adaptation of different types of stones. They took inspiration for their works from examples brought in by Victoria Brown – the artist delivering the session.

Joys of Creation – 02/02/2017

In our first Joys of Creation workshop participants had a relaxing time looking at beautiful scenery and capturing the magic of ice. They appreciated nature whilst learning the joys of painting on canvas

Joys of Creation Manor House 07-02-2017

In our first offsite Joys of Creation workshop at Manor House Residential Home with Karen Herrick residents enjoyed using applique to make birds flying free. They enjoyed making and creating in a supportive space with a professional artist who looked after their needs.  

Art For Life 30/11/2016

Carrying on with the Christmassy theme, one of our participants created more creative Christmas cards.

Art For Life 16/11/16

It was a very Christmassy themed workshop as one of our participants made festive cards and drawings.   

Art for life 02/11/16

In this session, participants were working hard to finish their colourful artworks.

Lifted Exhibition

Artcore is a visual arts charity which promotes arts and crafts as a vehicle to improve health and well-being, education and community cohesion. On average each week the centre is of benefit to 25 volunteers and staff including those on work placements through Job Centre Plus, and individuals seeking work experience, 5 board members one

Art For Life 19/10/16

This session saw participants create designs on canvases inspired by images that they found in various books and magazines.

Art For Life 14/09/2016

Two of our art for life participants completed some lovely mosaic works with emphasis on colour to produce beautifully accurate designs.

Art For Life 16/08/2016

One of our participants finished off his tiger drawing and worked towards finishing off his mosaic.

Art For Life 02/08/2016

As you can see, one of our participants was hard at work colouring in his drawing of a monkey.

Art For Life 20/07/2016

One of our participants finished his colourful abstract picture using a variety of colouring pens.

Art For Life 19/07/2016

In this session, one of our participants was hard at work colouring his bird design.

Art For Life 13/07/2016

This session of Art for Life was very animal based as our participants designed and coloured in their animal drawings.

Art For Life 12/07/2016

In this session, one of our participants worked hard to finish his canvas of a horse.