In this Awards For All funded project we delivered taster workshops from February 2017 in inner-city care homes working with, but not restricted to residents with mental health issues. Further workshops were delivered at Artcore, enabling us to support those with mental health problems and dementia. Participants worked with diverse mediums such as acrylic paint, water colours, printing, acetate, vinyl, papier mache, collage, plaster, alginate and fabric. Many thanks to our artists Victoria Brown, Helen Jackson, Alison Solomon, Jane Smith and Karen Herrick on their delivery of wonderful ideas.

Share our pride in their achievements and join us for the Joys of Creation Celebration exhibition and lunch at Artcore on Saturday 23rd September 11am-2pm

To book a place email or call 01332 384 561

Past Sessions

Joys of Creation – 11/05/2017

Participants were finishing doing their paper mache for their globe designs in preparation for the decoration stage

Joys of Creation – 04/05/2017

The class were preparing their paper mache artworks for decoration for the following week. They will be decorating these with their own unique ideas of designs

Joys of Creation – 27/04/2017

In the Alison Solomon’s first session, participants were tasked with creating artworks based around their favourite foods using pages from magazines for decoration. The topic of food really brought everyone together.

Joys of Creation – 13/04/2017

The class of Joys of Creation got stuck in with creating their own designs on transparent sheets. They had a selection of materials available to use to construct their own artwork.

Joys of Creation – 06/04/2017

In this workshop for Joys of Creation, a range of images and photos of objects were displayed. Participants either drew their own interpretation of the pictures or create their own art using ideas from the images.

Joys of Creation – 30/03/2017

In this session, artifacts were brought in from Access Artefacts enabling them to derive inspiration and creative ideas for their art pieces. The artifacts involved a range of intriguing objects of different shapes and sizes each with their own story to tell.

Joys of Creation – 23/03/2017

The first session led by artist Helen Jackson involved participants creating their own unique patterns with the medium of block printing

Joys of Creation – 09/03/2017

The Joys of Creation participants were looking at blossoms in this session. They were able to use watercolours to produce their own blossom inspired artworks

Joys of Creation – 02/03/2017

This session of Joy of Creation looked at drawing and painting ideas using inspiration from a table display of shells, rocks and various objects from the seaside

Joys of Creation – 23/02/2017

Participants in this session looked at rainforests such as the trees, plants and animals that are present there. One of the participants used watercolours to paint a parrot

Joys of Creation – 16/02/2017

For the second session of Joys of Creation, participants looked at taking inspiration for their paintings from aspects of nature in autumn. This included pine cones, twigs and leaves.

Creative Health Café

Our Creative Health Café was a tremendous success with over 50 people joining us for lunch and participating in our Joys of Creation print workshop delivered by artist Helen Jackson. They also enjoyed our exhibition featuring work from our Joys of Creation participants and artists including Victoria Brown, Karen Herrick, Elizabeth Blades, Alison Solomon, Brendan

Joys of Creation – 09/02/2017

The second Joys of Creation workshop was an exciting opportunity for the participants to get hands on experience creating their own interpretation and adaptation of different types of stones. They took inspiration for their works from examples brought in by Victoria Brown – the artist delivering the session.

Joys of Creation – 02/02/2017

In our first Joys of Creation workshop participants had a relaxing time looking at beautiful scenery and capturing the magic of ice. They appreciated nature whilst learning the joys of painting on canvas

Joys of Creation Manor House 07-02-2017

In our first offsite Joys of Creation workshop at Manor House Residential Home with Karen Herrick residents enjoyed using applique to make birds flying free. They enjoyed making and creating in a supportive space with a professional artist who looked after their needs.