The theme for this session of Innocence and Expression was famous artists.  Participants learned about a variety of famous artists including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh and their different styles of work. Inspired by the style of their chosen artist, the children created their own piece of art using acrylic paints.
In this session, children took part in making clay slabs. On those clay slabs were pictures of the children’s best memories. They were given the example of a day at the seaside and, from there, they created their own happy memory in the clay.
In this session, participants started working on their mosaics. They drew a sketch onto a wooden board and began sticking coloured tiles to form their finished pieces.
In the first 2016 session, the children made their favourite animals out of clay. They also made clay bowls and slabs based on leaves. They traced around the shape of the leaf and repeated to create nature inspired clay work.

CAS Mountain Trip 28/07/2016

The Mauritian group finished off their mandalas at Artcore. They then went to Derby’s Silk Mill. They had a tour of the museum, a discussion and also the young people helped 3D scan.

CAS Mauritian Trip 26/07/2016

The Mauritian group finished off their mandalas at Artcore. They explored different charities within the area such as Derby’s Silk Mill, DEDA and got involved in activities supporting and understanding these organisations.  

CAS Mauritian Trip 24/07/2016

This week at Artcore, a group of 20 Student’s and 2 teachers from Le Bocage International School Mauritius arrived as part of their CAS (Creativity, action and service) project. CAS is a major component of the IB curriculum which involves the students in a range of activities that are community based. Creativity – explores arts

Art For Employment 17/02/2016

A group of our participants engaged in creating mosaics inspired by a wide range of designs.

Umbrella Mosaic Mural

Artcore is working in partnership with Umbrella, a charity in Derby supporting disabled children, young people and their families to create a colourful mural in their newly done garden. Young people will be involved right from the design to the making and finishing of the mural.    

Admire and Inspire

The Admire and Inspire project, funded by Foundation Derbyshire and Tom Carey fund, is aimed at engaging members of the community from the Abbey neighbourhood to work together. The project is to engage youth (children and young people) by helping them understand each other’s perspectives, working creatively with local schools and youth groups. The aim
This session involved creating mosaic using different colour glass tiles. The young people learned to use different tools including cutters. The participants were able to choose three colours, there were more than 50 different colours available to choose form. They also learned about the different techniques out of our comfort zone, restricts you but also
Engaging in clay activities young people explored medium of clay, initially making a favourite animal or a bird form. The other half of the session included collecting leaves and parts of plants and trees and using the leaf impression creating a functional ware- Bowl, plate, candleholder,. Some of the children said: “I liked the lesion

Innocence and Expression 2016

A BBC Children in Need funded programme especially designed for young people Upto 18 years old. In this free programme participants learn to work in various artistic mediums such as painting, clay modelling, sandcasting, making mosaics and more.    
Innocence and expression is a BBC Children in Need funded programme designed specifically to encourage young people (aged 8-18) to build their confidence, make new friends and embrace their creative sides. This project is run on alternate Saturdays from 2-4pm. This is the 3rd year the Innocence and Expression project has been running. Some feedback from