Innocence & Expression 11/02/2017

Great session where the children got to create their spoon puppets making them as bright and colourful as possible

Innocence & Expression 28/01/17

Innocence & Expression was great on Saturday! The class had a great time designing, creating and then decorating their own puppets from wooden spoons!

Innocence & Expression 21/01/17

The first session of 2017 was great! The children got hands on with creating their 2D shadow puppets. They had a fun time cutting the 2d animals out and seeing how they appeared when light was projected onto them!    

Innocence and Expression 2017

A BBC Children in Need funded programme especially designed for young people Upto 18 years old.In this free programme participants learn to work in various artistic mediums such as painting, clay modelling, sandcasting, making mosaics and more.

Innocence & Expression 10/12/16

It was the last Innocence and Expression of 2016! The children loved getting stuck in working together to finish the mosaic mural!

Innocence & Expression 03/12/16

It was a great session last Saturday! The children have started working on the large mosaic which will be installed in the Umbrella garden. Umbrella is a local charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families, helping people realise their potential and helping to transform lives. The children involved thought it was a very

Innocence and Expression 05/11/16

In this week’s Innocence and Expression, participants were encouraged to work in groups to experiment with mixing colours using acrylic paints. After that, they then explored the wonders of nature by drawing things that you would normally find in the garden on a large piece of paper.

Innocence and Expression 15/10/16

In the first session of the second programme, the children were encouraged to explore the different types of colours, creatures and objects found in a garden. They then took it to paper to design their perfect garden using different art mediums such as crayons, felt tips and collage materials.

CAS Mauritian Trip 28/07/2016

At Mauritian evening, organised by the young people, we saw some amazing performances and delicious food all done by the talented Mauritian group. The evening kicked off with a bang as dancers and singers put on a spectacular show followed by an insight into their culture. As the night went on, we tasted some Mauritian

NCS Summer 11/08/2016

On the last week of NCS, participants added their finished works to the final mural. Some working together, they managed to complete the mural with a total of 250 tiles!

NCS Summer 04/08/2016

In this session, participants were encouraged to work in teams of 2 or 3 to create joint pieces of work that would be put together in the final mural.  

NCS Summer 22/07/2016

The group of NCS participants that started decorating the exterior came to Artcore to finish decorating, adding their NCS Team logo on one of the pillars as a reminder of their hard work

NCS Summer 21/07/2016

In this week of NCS, a group of NCS participants came to Artcore and gave the exterior a brand new look. They tidied up the car park, painted the walls and redecorated the flower bed.

NCS Summer 14/07/2016

The young people were shown a presentation showing the ethos behind NCS. Based on the presentation, the participants used acrylic paint to decorate tiles with their interpretation of the NCS ethos and their aspirations for the future.

NCS Summer 07/07/2016

NCS members participating in designing and producing artwork in order to promote The National Citizens Service and inspire more people to “Say yes to NCS”. The session was a huge success and the participants created some incredible pieces of work.