NCS Summer 11/08/2016

On the last week of NCS, participants added their finished works to the final mural. Some working together, they managed to complete the mural with a total of 250 tiles!

NCS Summer 04/08/2016

In this session, participants were encouraged to work in teams of 2 or 3 to create joint pieces of work that would be put together in the final mural.  

NCS Summer 22/07/2016

The group of NCS participants that started decorating the exterior came to Artcore to finish decorating, adding their NCS Team logo on one of the pillars as a reminder of their hard work

NCS Summer 21/07/2016

In this week of NCS, a group of NCS participants came to Artcore and gave the exterior a brand new look. They tidied up the car park, painted the walls and redecorated the flower bed.

NCS Summer 14/07/2016

The young people were shown a presentation showing the ethos behind NCS. Based on the presentation, the participants used acrylic paint to decorate tiles with their interpretation of the NCS ethos and their aspirations for the future.

NCS Summer 07/07/2016

NCS members participating in designing and producing artwork in order to promote The National Citizens Service and inspire more people to “Say yes to NCS”. The session was a huge success and the participants created some incredible pieces of work.