A BBC Children in Need funded programme especially designed for young people Upto 18 years old.In this free programme participants learn to work in various artistic mediums such as painting, clay modelling, sandcasting, making mosaics and more.

Past Sessions

Innocence and Expression

Innocence and Expression  with painter Georgia Peskett is in it’s final two sessions! The children are working in collaboration on some exciting large scale canvases to be shown in the community.

Innocence & Expression – 23/09/2017

In this session, the group were introduced to the idea of creating miniature worlds and using magazines wrapping paper and other materials to create collages exploring our idea. Then, using clay, we began to create some creatures that might populate our imaginary worlds.

Innocence & Expression 11/03/2017

Innocence & Expression was great. The children got to work on finishing creating all the props for the puppet theatre production of Hansel and Gretel

Innocence & Expression 25/02/2017

The children were finishing off decorating their spoon puppets using all sorts of styles and colours to produce uniquely different individual puppets

Innocence & Expression 11/02/2017

Great session where the children got to create their spoon puppets making them as bright and colourful as possible

Innocence & Expression 28/01/17

Innocence & Expression was great on Saturday! The class had a great time designing, creating and then decorating their own puppets from wooden spoons!

Innocence & Expression 21/01/17

The first session of 2017 was great! The children got hands on with creating their 2D shadow puppets. They had a fun time cutting the 2d animals out and seeing how they appeared when light was projected onto them!    

Innocence & Expression 10/12/16

It was the last Innocence and Expression of 2016! The children loved getting stuck in working together to finish the mosaic mural!

Innocence & Expression 03/12/16

It was a great session last Saturday! The children have started working on the large mosaic which will be installed in the Umbrella garden. Umbrella is a local charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families, helping people realise their potential and helping to transform lives. The children involved thought it was a very

Innocence and Expression 05/11/16

In this week’s Innocence and Expression, participants were encouraged to work in groups to experiment with mixing colours using acrylic paints. After that, they then explored the wonders of nature by drawing things that you would normally find in the garden on a large piece of paper.

Innocence and Expression 15/10/16

In the first session of the second programme, the children were encouraged to explore the different types of colours, creatures and objects found in a garden. They then took it to paper to design their perfect garden using different art mediums such as crayons, felt tips and collage materials.
The theme for this session of Innocence and Expression was famous artists.  Participants learned about a variety of famous artists including Salvador Dali, Andy Warhol and Vincent Van Gogh and their different styles of work. Inspired by the style of their chosen artist, the children created their own piece of art using acrylic paints.
In this session, children took part in making clay slabs. On those clay slabs were pictures of the children’s best memories. They were given the example of a day at the seaside and, from there, they created their own happy memory in the clay.
In this session, participants started working on their mosaics. They drew a sketch onto a wooden board and began sticking coloured tiles to form their finished pieces.
In the first 2016 session, the children made their favourite animals out of clay. They also made clay bowls and slabs based on leaves. They traced around the shape of the leaf and repeated to create nature inspired clay work.