Artcore hosted a group of 20 young people from Le Bocage International School in Mauritius between 23rd – 29th July 2016. They took part in various different events and activities as a part of their CAS Programme. The group got involved in many exciting activities such as designing there own mandala sculptures as well as going out on trips to some of Derby’s major buildings. They spent a Day at Derby College, where they took part in a social action project and did some team building exercises followed by a quiz, visited the silk mill followed by a tour at derby museums and finally a tour of Déda. After this the group prepared for a Mauritian Event on Wednesday 27th July from 6pm onwards at the Sahahra Centre. This event was organised by themselves and included Mauritian Food as well as dance performances for an altogether cultural evening.

Past Sessions

CAS Mauritian Trip 28/07/2016

At Mauritian evening, organised by the young people, we saw some amazing performances and delicious food all done by the talented Mauritian group. The evening kicked off with a bang as dancers and singers put on a spectacular show followed by an insight into their culture. As the night went on, we tasted some Mauritian

CAS Mountain Trip 28/07/2016

The Mauritian group finished off their mandalas at Artcore. They then went to Derby’s Silk Mill. They had a tour of the museum, a discussion and also the young people helped 3D scan.

CAS Mauritian Trip 26/07/2016

The Mauritian group finished off their mandalas at Artcore. They explored different charities within the area such as Derby’s Silk Mill, DEDA and got involved in activities supporting and understanding these organisations.  

CAS Mauritian Trip 24/07/2016

This week at Artcore, a group of 20 Student’s and 2 teachers from Le Bocage International School Mauritius arrived as part of their CAS (Creativity, action and service) project. CAS is a major component of the IB curriculum which involves the students in a range of activities that are community based. Creativity – explores arts