Sharing Celebrations is a fun-filled project with exciting events based around diverse communities communally celebrating festivals. Festivals embody the spirit of celebration, positivity and goodwill, bringing together families, friends, neighbours, colleagues at work, young and old, even strangers in the street or the park! They easily break barriers created by differences in race, religion, language and nationality, by encouraging dialogue, interaction, helping people connect with their happier, playful selves.

In Derby, we have diverse communities from around the world that celebrate various festivals and popular days. So far we have celebrated Diwali, Christmas, Easter and Eid. Celebration events and activities encourage participants to take ownership of the neighbourhood, creating a sense of belonging, adding to the richness of life in Derby.

Past Events

Celebrating Togetherness

A big thanks to everyone who attended as part of our Sharing Celebrations Project, supported by the Celebrate Fund. Artcore raised a toast of a hot cup of Chai to connect the common threads of cultural heritage between England and India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. We built connections, strengthened trust, and celebrated togetherness. We showed that

Easter Celebration & AGM

Thanks to everyone who attended to our Easter Celebration as part of our Sharing Celebrations Project, Supported by the Celebrate Fund. It was a fantastic event. The members of community locally had an enjoyable time celebrating Easter together. Artcore building was full with explorers and creators. It was great to see all ages take part

Eid Celebration

We would like to thank everyone for joining us at Artcore to celebrate Eid on the evening of Friday 30th June. We were really proud to celebrate the end to the holy month of Ramadan with so many of our friends, new and old. We were delighted the Mayor, Cllr John Whitby, was able to

Christmas Event

A big thank you to all who attended our Christmas Celebrations last Friday 9th Dec 2016. It was a fantastic night with lots of fun activities, delicious food and festive socialising. It was also a delight to see the Creating Vivid Dreams exhibition where all the participants journey and stories were shared through their artworks
A great event with a high turnout. There were a great variety of activities including lantern decorating, face painting, Rangoli and canvas drawing. There was great food and a presentation showcasing how far Artcore has come over the 20 years. In total over 70 people attended to both light a candle and join in the