The ‘Creating Vivid Dreams’ project aims to bring diverse communities together encouraging them to develop and learn new skills by offering support to share their stories using creative art mediums.

Past Sessions

Creating Vivid Dreams 07/12/2016

In the last session of Creating Vivid Dreams, participants worked hard to finish their final art works just in time for the exhibition on Friday. 

Creating Vivid Dreams 30/11/12

Leading up to the final week of preparations before the exhibition, participants were hard at work making a start on their finished pieces.

Creating Vivid Dreams 16/11/16

This week’s Creating Vivid Dreams was all about preparing ideas for everyone’s final piece of artwork. Using various art mediums such as acrylic paint, sketching and printing, participants worked independently to contribute towards their final art works.  

Creating Vivid Dreams 02/11/16

This stress relieving session of Creating Vivid Dreams saw participants experiment with printing textures into clay slabs using a variety of tools and everyday objects.  

Creating Vivid Dreams 19/10/16

In this session of Creating Vivid Dreams, members of the group experimented with printing. Using foam or lino tiles, participants were able to sketch a design on the tiles, then using acrylic paint, they made a variety of coloured prints onto different sized cartridge paper.  

Creating Vivid Dreams 12/10/16

This session saw participants get stuck in as they were given a selection of fruit and veg. Instead of drawing or painting them, participants cut them in half and used acrylic paints to print with them. With a variety of colours to mix, participants created beautiful pieces of art experimenting with just the unique shapes

Creating Vivid Dreams 22/06/2016

In this session, participants were encouraged to experiment with colour and texture as they printed onto paper using different objects such as bubble wrap, card board and bottle caps. They also mixed acrylic paint to create bold colours which made their work more eye-catching.

Creating Vivid Dreams 21/09/2016

Carrying on from the last session, participants were encouraged to draw still life fruit and veg, focusing on the intricate details and then painting with watercolour paints to capture the vibrant colours of the still life.

Creating Vivid Dreams 20/07/2016

In this session of Creating Vivid Dreams, participants were pushed out of their comfort zones as they drew from a selection of still life items placed at the front of the room. Moving around the room after 10 minute intervals, they captured the different angles and shapes of the objects.

Creating Vivid Dreams 13/07/2016

Participants were inspired by the work of popular children’s book author, Eric Carle who wrote and composed artwork for the popular children’s book, “The Hungry Caterpillar.” The participants used a variety of mediums such as tissue paper, different coloured paper and the textured paper work that they did last session.

Creating Vivid Dreams 08/06/2016

In the second session of Creating Vivid Dreams, participants learned about the colour wheel and practiced mixing colours in order to make more eye catching artpieces with more intensity and vibrancy.

Creating Vivid Dreams 07/09/2016

In this session, participants were presented with a variety of fruit and veg to draw using different types of pencils. They explored different mark making techniques as well as looking at the finer details in more depth. This produced realistic artistic depictions of each object.

Creating Vivid Dreams 01/06/2016

In the first session of Creating Vivid Dreams, participants created tiles using acrylic paints. It was also a chance to get to know the group and talk a bit about themselves in a relaxed, artistic environment. It resulted in each member producing an original art piece.
‘Creating Vivid dreams’ – Session two on Wednesday 22nd June 10.30 – 12.30 Aims: Mix colours to produce a collection of coloured textured papers. Participants mixed colours and applied these to paper using a variety of different methods to create a selection of textures. Apply the principles of the colour wheel that they learnt last
‘Creating Vivid dreams’ – Session one , Wednesday 8th June 10.30 – 12.30 at Artcore Studios Aims: Enabling participants to understand mixing colours to produce their own colour wheel. Participants mixed colours beautifully and experimentally using the colour wheel as a reference. A few of the learners hadn’t mixed colours before; and decided that they