Innocence & Expression 25/02/2017

The children were finishing off decorating their spoon puppets using all sorts of styles and colours to produce uniquely different individual puppets

Innocence & Expression 11/02/2017

Great session where the children got to create their spoon puppets making them as bright and colourful as possible

Innocence & Expression 28/01/17

Innocence & Expression was great on Saturday! The class had a great time designing, creating and then decorating their own puppets from wooden spoons!

Innocence & Expression 21/01/17

The first session of 2017 was great! The children got hands on with creating their 2D shadow puppets. They had a fun time cutting the 2d animals out and seeing how they appeared when light was projected onto them!    

Innocence & Expression 10/12/16

It was the last Innocence and Expression of 2016! The children loved getting stuck in working together to finish the mosaic mural!

Innocence & Expression 03/12/16

It was a great session last Saturday! The children have started working on the large mosaic which will be installed in the Umbrella garden. Umbrella is a local charity supporting disabled children, young people and their families, helping people realise their potential and helping to transform lives. The children involved thought it was a very

Innocence & Expression Programme 3

Innocence & Expression is A BBC Children in Need funded programme especially designed for young people Upto 18 years old. It is a free programme that allows participant to learn to work in various artistic mediums such as painting, clay modelling, sandcasting, making mosaics and more.

The ‘Open Hands’ project is a project based on bringing a community together and encouraging the public to take pride the area they live. The aims of the project are to improve community spirit, whilst providing a platform for young participants to interact with others and make new friends in a productive environment and to

Art In Education And Learning

We at Artcore encourage and involve people from all ages & abilities into art activities. Our engagement with various school clubs, youth groups, family learning initiatives and school curriculum workshops have resulted in great collaborations. We support and enhance skills of young people as they develop their understanding in different visual art mediums. In our workshops participants are encouraged to take control of their

Street Art Festival

The Festival showcased the work of young people from a number of different programmes and organisations, including the dance troupe Retro Warriors from Trinity Warriors, who worked with the organisation Baby People to come up with a spectacular routine. The Festival also exhibited the work of two groups of young people who have been involved

From January our Innocence and Expression programme will be looking at where we live and our local environment. Children will be exploring the architecture which surrounds them, learning about different building materials and how these can be translated in a visual form. By the end of the project the participants will produce a collaborative street

Creative Summer 2016

From the 7th July to the 11th August, NCS have worked with Artcore to create a mural consisting of 250 square tiles. Over the course of 6 weeks, 300 young people from NCS have been coming to Artcore to work on their tiles to create a mural that will be put up on the 12th

Creative Summer 2016

A programme of creative activities during the summer holidays. Art activities accessible to all ages and abilities taking place in different areas of Derby and Derbyshire. Throughout the summer, Artcore is delivering art and craft workshops in Derby and Derbyshire. Various art mediums including painting, clay work, mosaic, watercolours, collage making, lipan art and lots

Inclusive Project

INCLUSIVE PROJECT INCLUSIVENESS: Artcore’s approach is firmly rooted in inclusivity and diversity. We have taken a step further to achieving our aims in accessibility with the support from Locality. This enabled us to provide a further platform for participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to come and work together. Some of the things we

My Cup of Tea Project Launch

On Saturday 23rd September we continued our creative programme Chai and the City with a cup of chai and the launch of My Cup of Tea, a heritage project which explores the traditions and customs associated with drinking tea in Britain. My Cup of Tea examines the subject of tea and the part it plays