Our Stories – Programme9


Our Stories –Programme 9

During this October and November our participants learnt the art of doll making with the lovely Liz Blades. From embroidery techniques to fabric painting, participants got the chance to explore different sewing techniques to produce their very own traditional doll. More than just a children’s toy, these art dolls are a chance for participants to express something of themselves. Participants were encouraged to think further than the human form and allow their creations to become a character dreamt up from their imagination.

Through following simple fabric patterns, participants were guided through the making process by Liz who introduced two types of cloth dolls. Participants were also encouraged to think about clothing and hand printed personalized dress for their dolls were produced, allowing participants to explore different intricate painting techniques and pattern design. Liz worked one-on-one with our participants, sharing her specific techniques so that those in week one who were less confident grew to realise their flair for sewing as time went on. One of our participants who struggled initially succeeded in the last session to produce something completely new from scratch through learning new techniques with stenciling.


“I’ve enjoyed starting the doll and found it relaxing.”

“I have enjoyed sewing and making the cloth into a doll.”

“I enjoyed this session very much today & learnt a new stencil painting technique which was really fab.”