Our Stories – Programme8


Our Stories –Programme 8

In September 2018, Emma Reynard led the Our Stories workshops and introduced group to felting. Over the course of the five-week set of workshops, the group explored different types of felting and experimented with natural and synthetic fibres. In their first session, Emma told the participants about the history and process of felting and showed them various examples she had brought in. She then demonstrated the wet felting technique with merino wool and got evolved involved in creating a flat piece of coloured felt. In the second session, they began to embellish their felt creations using needle-felting techniques. This technique demanded a large amount of attention from the participants but they took to it very well and all enjoyed adding details to their creations using this more precise felting technique.

In the third workshop, the group began to take more autonomy over their creations and Emma gave them a few options of what they could create. Emma first demonstrated making a felt ball using the wet process, which a few participants tried and added to their designs. Next, she showed them how to make a felt vessel with different colours hidden inside, which delighted many of the participants. The group continued with these experiments in the fourth session and began thinking about how they would finish their felt pieces. In the final session each of the participants explained to each other what they had been working on and shared the work and ideas. By the end of the session, there was a whole range of completed felt creations including Christmas decorations, a felt bag, and framed felt images.


“It was a wonderful session of needle felting with Emma, I made one small Jewellery box, I enjoyed the session.”

“Today I continued felting with Emma. I made a ball out of merino wool and made a connection with a lady who lived near me in the Old West End of Derby, Small world yes!”

“Missed last week’s session due to my bi-polar illness but Emma showed me the felting and I soon caught up with the rest of the class, very enjoyable.”

“I’ve really enjoyed felting with Emma, it’s a really friendly group. I would love to do more felting in the future. Thanks to Artcore and Emma.”

“Fantastic session of felting, I loved very much making felting hanging. I would love to do these sessions again in the future, thank you Emma.”