Our Stories – Programme7


Our Stories –Programme 7 – Nicki Dennett

Nicki Dennett encouraged everyone to recreate maps from memory through painting, drawing, and collage. They then looked at how to use old maps to create something new by creating travel related items to take home such as luggage tags, postcards, badges, and jewellery.

As the sessions progressed, many participants revealed the stories behind their maps through open discussions. They talked about favourite holidays, visits they had made and their hopes for exploring new places in the future. Nicki created a very relaxed and welcoming environment for everyone so participants who initially felt nervous and unsure gained confidence as the sessions went on. By the end of the sessions, all of the participants had created personal items that they were proud to share with the group.



“I sometimes get a bit anxious but found today really relaxing and enjoyed it a lot.”

“Really enjoyed the group, it was peaceful, calm and safe environment and didn’t feel rushed or pressured.”

“I have enjoyed this session with Nicki because she is a very helpful and kind person and very good with her art skills, I liked making postcards because it was very creative and I really enjoyed it, thank you Nicki.”

“Very enjoyable class making luggage label with Nicki, I had a great time in a safe place.”

“I really enjoyed this session because I have never done this before, but I really enjoyed the act of creating and the friendly company.”