Our Stories – Programme6


Our Stories –Programme 6 – Wind chimes and Mobiles

Jane Smith led this series of workshop with the aim of teaching eco-friendly, resourceful techniques of producing wind chimes and mobiles. For the first few sessions, she led the group in creating wind chimes by reusing old kitchen cutlery.

In the first session, the group discussed and consulted different sketches created by each participant, to make sure everyone was ready to begin constructing their mobiles. They needed to consider what objects would be best suited and how to balance their designs. Jane advised each of the participants with any possible changes their designs needed in order to function. The type of wire thread and its length was vitally important as if it was too long the objects wouldn’t touch and if it was too short the objects wouldn’t flow.

In the sessions that followed, the group created clay paddles that are an important component in wind chimes as they catch the wind and move the objects around. This in turn enables the soothing sound of a wind chime to be created. The participants began creating the designs on paper, before transferring them into clay. Once the clay paddles had been fired and glazed – they were complete. The group helped each other out with stringing the objects together to create their chimes, it was wonderful when the whole project finally came together. There were some beautiful designs created which produces soft and therapeutic sounds.

In the final sessions, the group developed and created new mobiles for their homes and gardens using fizzy drink cans. Designs such as flowers were drawn and then cut out using scissors. Jane then led the group in using sand paper to remove sharp edges from the cans, putting drainage holes into their bases, and cutting away their lids. Once threaded and strung, the wind chimes came to life. The group liked the original designs on the cans, so there was no need to paint them.



“Really enjoyed working with Jane and clay, I will have my first wind chime in my garden by the end of the sessions.”

“I thoroughly enjoy coming to Artcore as I am a carer and this time is precious to me. I have enjoyed working in clay and am looking forward to making my wind chimes.”

“I enjoyed making the mobile I never made one before but I really enjoyed taking part, a big thank you to Jane!”

“I enjoyed making the mobile with three tins with orange colour.”

“Even though we turned up a little late, Jane made us feel welcome and came to help when we called her. She made sure we were able to make a wind chime.”