Our Stories – Programme4


Programme 4 – “Suitcase City”

In Suitcase City participants created a world of their own imagining within an old suitcase. It was important the suitcase looked vintage and unaltered on the outside but opened up to a secret world. The group learnt how to create and build 3D houses which they customised using a variety of pens and pencils, some using watercolour pencils. They used cutting knives for the detailed parts. This was a new experience for many which they enjoyed. They created trees using wire and decorated them using polymer clay. This was their first encounter with polymer clay but they quickly got the feel for it. During the sessions they got better at using the clay, using tools and applying their colour wheel knowledge to mix their own colours. Some participants had health problems and were supported to do this.

The work was a collaborative piece, the participants were used to taking their work home each week so had to learn how to share space and build things together. They looked forward to seeing their work the next week and quickly got used to the idea of leaving their work behind to benefit the whole group.

Throughout the sessions the group worked both independently and as a group to create a final piece. The group were very friendly, welcoming and keen to learn and this was evident in their work. The addition of background music created a calming & productive environment. Being an adult class meant that they had to fit class around their other commitments which changed weekly causing a flexible approach to the session.

The group began to get on well together often staying later due to their enjoyment and wanting to finish their work before starting the next piece. The feedback was positive and they were full of pride in their achievement.


‘Under the guide of Tracey today I made an apple tree, flower garden, flower plant & pot of a beautiful ball’

‘Really enjoyed clay, I made people and flower’

‘Tracey is an inspiration really enjoyed her session’

‘Really good session with the polymer clay today’

 ‘Very Good’

‘Beautiful class. Made few polymer statues. It was lovely. Thank you. See you all next time’

‘I enjoyed drawing a palm tree and paradise tree with different colour and mango on it’

‘Nice to see the group work put together’

‘I enjoyed making the house tree painting this is very enjoyable’