Our Stories – Programme3


Programme 3 March-April 2018

Programme 3 delivered by Emma Reynard an artist skilled in creating wire portraits and animal sculptures. This was a 5 week challenge to encourage the imagination, from images to creation. Sessions would start with exercises in experimental drawing aimed to loosen up the visual thought process for example when mark making, or creating images to time, and even non-drawing..

Participants experimented with using different types of wire, to test their durability, and pliability as metals, foils and gauzes were now being used to create drawings in space, for many, for the first time. The end results were to be, wire sculptures that would be suspended or projected to create interesting shadows and movement or secured to a wooden base, to create another type of visual form. With the expectancy that this will give a unique line quality to work from when creating the wire sculptures.

Emma had challenged the participants anew, to create self-portraits, or portraits of someone in class or a photo of a friend, family or celebrity etc. Also time was taken to look at drawing animals in the same way. Emma spent a great deal of time to explain the link of this drawing method to the way the wire sculpture was constructed.

The finished product served to demonstrate beautifully the different wires and how they act, when used to sculpt portraits, it was clear to see the participants were using the skills learnt from the previous week. Their sculptures are awesome!



The comments that were made were so enthused each week, such as

“Emma the artist in residence shows us her use of wire & like her fellow artists show us new mediums of art which I never learnt in school so I am an artist in my own right in this safe environment present at Artcore”

Or… ‘Thank Emma, loved working with wire making flowers and leaves’

Some even made you smile “thank you very much for a good session emma, enjoyed making my head and dragon fly, good class”

‘Thank you very much for your session, it was an amazying expertience about work with copper, I have made a fish that I enjoyed’ …