Our Stories – Programme2


Programme 2 February-March 2018

The bright and vivacious Sarah Camplin led the next 6 weeks of workshops using Mosaic to recreate Hopes and Dreams, looking ahead to upcoming celebrations, holidays, good memories and plans. Sarah was happy to get to know each participants desire for the future by at first introducing them to the idea of creating a vision board. A new innovative way to map their personal journeys based on a theme of their choice, which encouraged the participants to explore their Story, theme or journey in an expressive way. This was then used to develop the participants’ thinking about how their story; could be told, and mapped through collage and a mosaic, there was one per person.

Once introductions through collage, were completed the group began creating mosaics with positive themes by firstly completing their motif on a board. As the groups are varied in size each week Sarah was well equipped, and flexible enough to deliver the workshops to suit the needs of those participating. When someone has ‘limited English’ she said… ‘the volunteers and other group members are happy to interpret and make all group members feel involved’. Sessions are always well supported whenever needed. She went on to say ‘each week the interaction between group members is helpful, and positive.. Artcore is providing a real home from home, where everyone is welcomed with helpfulness and warmth’.

Artcore has had a successful 6 weeks with Sarah as we often heard raucous laughter coming from the sessions each week, there’s no doubt the project had been a successful one as laughter needs no translation!

The artist Sarah Camplin felt that, “Overall, the activity was well received, with good engagement and positive results”


‘One participant now felt “.. confident with working with group and enjoyed myself”

Another said that she’d “quite enjoyed this, it was not too difficult and was very creative”

Beautiful session with Sarah, did nice mosaic, happy, looking forward to next session.

‘Totally enjoyable day. Thank you!’