Our Stories – Programme 12


Our Stories –Programme 12

Over five workshop sessions participants had the opportunity to create their own self-portraits using different techniques and looked at different artists’ self-portraits, including Frida Kahlo, Vincent Van Gogh and Andy Warhol, and how they used self-portraits to tell a story about their life. The class was aimed towards exploring everyone’s unique self and giving people self-confidence in their own self-portraiture.

The first session was focused on exploring famous artists through their own self-portraits and looking at selfie culture. Participants also had their own photograph taken and began sampling different magazine and newspaper cutouts and laying out a collage of the things that matter to them. The next week they looked at how to draw the different aspects of the face, such as the nose, eyes and mouth, and how to use different mediums like pencils, paint and oil pastels. In the last three weeks the participants began to create their own self-portraits using acrylic paint on canvas, as well as using other mixed media, such as collage.

The participants really enjoyed the chance to try a new and different kind of painting and were very enthusiastic about the sessions! They each made their canvas very personal and used different techniques and images that were important to them. They also really enjoyed spending time together and chatted a lot!



“Loved this session, involved the usual chatting and engaging with each other. Very thought provoking.”

“Very happy. Wonderful class with Victoria getting the chance to work with canvas and exploring the portrait side of painting. Thank you.”

“Enjoyed working on canvas. Hope to do some more next time. Thank you.”

“Really enjoyed this session. Looking forward to starting the final piece.”

“Lovely, fun and a good session.”