Our Stories – Programme 11


Our Stories –Programme 11

Theresa ran five sessions with Artcore as part of the Our Stories programme. In these sessions, participants were invited to create a food diary showing their relationship with food, including their favourite foods throughout their life and those foods they were not so fond of! They used different materials, including paint, coloured pencils and magazine and newspaper cut-outs, and different techniques, such as painting with sponges and collage. As well as developing participants’ artistic skills, the sessions also sought to create a greater sense of community and bonding between the participants through sharing their thoughts on, and relationship with, food.

In the first session participants created a magazine cut-out collage of the kinds of foods they like and many of them commented on how much they enjoyed the session and the chance to talk about food from their own country and why they chose the foods they did. As the sessions progressed, participants worked on creating colours, patterns and textures to represent the food they chose for the collage. In the final session they cut-out their designs and stuck them together to create their own painted food collage!

Participants grew closer over the sessions. By sharing their food stories, participants were able to bond with each other and create a greater sense of community between them. They enjoyed talking with each other about different foods and found it very engaging to listen to others’ experiences and share their own.



“Very happy – enjoyed it. It’s been a good morning! I’ve learnt how to mix lots of different colours from the three primary colours –  red, yellow and blue, and apply it using a sponge, brushes and a roller.”

“I really enjoyed this session”

“Loved this session, involved the usual chatting and engaging with each other. Very thought provoking”