Our Stories – Programme10


Our Stories –Programme 10

Throughout December our participants learnt how to create beautiful hand folded books using re-usable book folding skills. They made several folded books of increasing complexity. Book folding is a calm, slow process which the participants found relaxing and absorbing. Sessions started with simpler, more generic designs, and become more complex as the participants became more confident with the technique.

People needed support to get going, but once the technique had been explained they worked well. Everybody worked individually, but also interacting with each other. This was a new technique for all the participants and pushed some out of their comfort zones. We supported overwhelmed participants with encouragement to carry on and once settled all participants made good progress with their books.

Some participants took their books home to complete and once finished brought them or photos in to show everybody. As they began to enjoy the sessions they were keen to push themselves further and start on personalised designs. Usually reserved participants opened up during the meditative process of book folding and enjoyed individualised time with the delivery artist Katie Petriatis. The sessions provide an escape from participant’s responsibilities elsewhere and are highly valued by the local community.


“I really enjoyed process of book folding and the teacher very helpful, also atmosphere very peaceful, I will come back, recommended for everyone”

“I am glad to learn this and have been enjoy today, I must will come next Tuesday, thank to every one”

“it is a wonderful craft to learn and fun to do”

“thank Katie for making me feel more human”

“really, really enjoyed book folding craft today, thank you”

“this has been amazing so much fun, you need to be back otherwise I am not going be happy”

“thank you for a wonderful time and showing about book folding”

“have loved this, so amazing meeting new people, I could not otherwise know meet conversing & folding book with them”