Our Stories – Programme1


Programme 1 January-February 2018

Tracey Meek opened the year with simple collages and open discussions on maps and areas of importance using visual ideas to reference from. Participants made a visual map of their journey so far with a time-line of happenings and pivotal points. They then created a diorama that told their story of the past through objects and still life display. Experimenting with exercises such as left hand drawing and drawing with eyes closed. There was a bit of resistance as people were slightly out of their comfort zone but once participants realised the fun that could be had everybody gave it a go. Participants took great pleasure in sharing about their work, awards, achievements, stories and family while seeing differences and similarities of their journey.

We supported people with anxiety and those who struggle with written English. Some looked back on difficult times when their family was separated and reflected on those moments whilst others thought on memories from child-hood; running around in fields and being free. Some participant’s maps spanned whole Countries whilst others Counties, but all had a journey to share about how they arrived herein Derby at this moment in time.


‘I am learning new things here. Am enjoying here’ – participant

‘I enjoy creating crafts and having the opportunity to meet new people’ – participant

‘I enjoy thinking of creative ways to tell my story so much help and freedom to be creative in your own way’ – participant