“Arts project ‘Our Stories’ began in late 2017 an arts project for migrants.

Migrant meaning a person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another. And in response to the need of Derby’s migrant community, Artcore being an organisation that is BME led, and a charity, operating in the heart of the community, who’s ethos to strengthen community cohesion, help people become independent and much more through the medium of art. The ‘Our Stories’ project was born.

Aiming to ‘bring individuals from Migrant Communities such as Normanton, Osmaston, Peartree, and the Cavendish areas together to share in Arts based workshops’.

The ‘Our Stories’ project will include an exhibition of work and a celebration of Derby’s migrant diaspora during Refugee week 18-24 June 2018.

Sessions are on a Tuesday morning 10 – 12 pm

“Your Stories” is “Our Stories” at Artcore.

Our Stories Celebration

We celebrated the culmination of Our Stories in a celebration exhibition and lunch on 18th April alongside our Family Day. Our Stories was a two-year project funded by People’s Health Trust to bring together individuals who have moved and made Derby their home including migrant and refugee communities in friendly weekly creative sessions. An exhibition of work created on the programme was on display, along with videos of interviews with the artists, participants and organisers involved in the delivery of the programme. We had an exciting talk from one of the artists who ran the programme, Theresa Hempsall, who spoke of how she enjoyed the opportunity to learn other peoples’ stories and share her own. Throughout the programme, over two-hundred people have had the chance to connect with others and tell their tale through the medium of art, and the success of the programme can only go so far as those involved. Artcore would like to thank all the artists who have given their time to run the workshops, the staff who helped to organize and the programme, and the participants for coming to Artcore to get involved in this exciting opportunity. And though this programme has ended, many other programmes still run at Artcore with the aim of creating a more integrated community and providing the opportunity for self-development through art.


Past Sessions