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This is Derby ReImagine

After Bob Moulder’s exciting idea generation sessions with St James Primary and Pear Tree Primary the children have come up with their final themes for their performance.


Kathryn Borg has been our lead artist this year on our STEAM project, working with both Dale Community Primary School and Zaytouna Primary School.

Dare to Dream

We kick started our exciting Dare to Dream 2020 programme with a creative dreaming session. Participants thought about where they want to be in 5 years and the steps they need to get there.

AEL Education

Our AEL education started the year off with Bob Moulder’s wildlife and beaver dam workshops. The children learnt about the engineering of beavers and created a collaborative beaver dam together and their own individual 3D beavers! 

#IWill Street Smart

Graffitti artist Lucie Maycock is running the sessions with 90 kids from St.James school. They had great fun this week spray painting on the big boards which will be displayed at Cavendish roundabout.

Steam 2020

Kathryn Borg has been our lead artist this year on our STEAM project, working with both Dale Community Primary School and Zaytouna Primary School. Both schools have been exploring science, technology, engineering and mathematics through art. Kathryn Borg has almost completed all the workshops with the first group from Zaytouna Primary School. They have been

Start 2020

Artcore working in partnership with Deda to deliver the project at Bemrose Primary, Ashgate Primary and Becket Primary School. To keep in the theme of the Museum of the Moon, Kathryn Borg gave a one off workshop making moons and craters with the children out of paper mache. The children also worked through their Arts

Fundraising Support by Page Kirk

A big thank you to Page Kirk to have supported Artcore as their chosen charity of the Year 2019 and for fundraising for us! You are stars! It will help to further the vital work we do in the Derby and the region engaging communities through art.

Craft Club Project Seven – Crochet

We decided to have a go at crochet and learn the skills through our volunteers Rima and Sophie sharing their knowledge with us. We used different coloured wools and yarns and began by learning the different stitches which could then be turned into designs. Participants worked hard to practice and develop often finding it fiddly
For our sixth project we found photo frames and tealights in charity shops to upcycle. We used glass mosaic tiles to reinvigorate the tired surfaces and create vibrant patterns. Participants developed skills in cutting tiles and making unique patterns with colour and shape. They worked together choosing frames and thinking about how to improve them
Craft Club’s fifth project was working with air-drying clay to create valentines clay themed wall-hangings. With this clay there is no need to fire in a kiln so working with it is different. It is important the participants share and teach the use of different mediums and materials to further their learning and confidence with

Creative Summer

Over this summer holiday, Artcore have held a number of fun, educational and artistic workshops for kids to fight off that summer holiday boredom! Our Family Fundays, Street Art, Art Lab and Metropolitan workshops kicked off with a fun Lego Family Funday on 26th July which was a great success, and over the past six