Innocence & Expression – Programme6


Programme 6 – Lucie Maycock – Street Art

The young people were introduced to graffiti style lettering and had a go using stencils and freehand. They talked about what street art was, and everyone seemed to have an understanding of street art. One young person knew who ‘Banksy’ was and could identify his latest work linked to the extinction rebellion movement. We talked about the environment and climate change and how the project would be based around this theme. Initially when asked about the environment they weren’t sure how to respond but through further conversations within the group over the weeks they increased their awareness of this topic. This theme sparked some great conversations around issues such as what impact using electricity has on the planet. Also how and why some animals and insects are struggling such as bee’s and polar bears.

They made initial boards using graffiti style stencils and spray paints. Firstly they cut the stencils and glued them onto a board, then they used spray paints to bring the board to life and lastly peeled off the stencils to reveal their initials. They used marker pens and spray paints to bring the giant pre-cut cardboard letters to life. They used stencils created in previous sessions and the finished letters spell out ‘We are ArtCore’. The young people also took part in shoe designs and using song lyrics, some of the young people were reading aloud the lyrics without being asked. This demonstrates another way the arts can help with other important skills. They were very excited to use water based spray paints under supervision. The majority of participants did so following instructions and creating great colour combinations and styles of spraying. The finished boards all look great. Their choice of colour, pattern and design for the lettering was very creative. Some participants were more confident with the lettering styles than others and some had a go at blocking in shadows so their lettering looked 3D. One child didn’t feel confident at all doing any freehand at the beginning but towards the end of the sessions and had a go on her own.

The young people responded very well every session, they each interpreted the tasks given in an individual way. They were very much enthralled with what they were doing and had to be persuaded to take a break. The group worked really well together and even helped each other out with the art work. The workshop was designed for individual and small group work, both approaches went well. The collaborative art work was positive and the participants talked about what they were doing, they helped one another with ideas and ‘bounced’ off one another creatively in a relaxed progressively focused way.

Over six sessions participants used different collaging and painting techniques to create a street with different houses, shops and cars on a long piece wallpaper. They learnt about the different kinds of houses and buildings you might see on a street how to use different materials to create interesting patterns. In the first session they learnt about the different kinds of things you might see on a street and told everyone else about the kind of house they live in and where they go, including their places of worship and where they might get food. They began drawing their house on paper and got to colour it in using pencils and pens. Over the next few sessions they learnt how to create different colours, textures and patterns you might find on a house, such as brick, slate and glass and used sponges, rollers and more to paint pieces of paper like these materials. They also painted a long roll of wallpaper with a sky and road for the final piece. Over the last two sessions, they began creating the street scene by cutting out the textures and patterns they had created and sticking them together to make a fully formed house. They also created other things, such as shops, cars, streetlights and dustbins to add more interesting things to their street! The children really enjoyed trying different painting techniques and came up with lots of interesting ideas of things they could put on their street and how they could make different textures and patterns. They liked cutting and sticking their houses together and wanted to make many more designs! They loved the sessions and look forward to attending more like them!  


“My favourite part was the drawing part, I would give Artcore a score 101/100.”

“I liked tracing around the stencils because you can do a lot and overlap them.”

“I like the part where you can overlap different colours.”

“I made a rainbow flower.”

“I understand and know what stencils are.”

“I liked the bit where we were doing drawing and the background.”

“My favourite part was the background, sticking the lyrics on.”

“My favourite was drawing the big letters for spray painting.”

“I liked drawing on the floor, we normally have to do it on tables.”

“I liked drawing big on the floor.” “Best one so far!”

“99.99% Really liked everything, I love everything at Artcore.”

“My child always comes home very happy after being at Artcore.”

“Your teachings are joyful.”