Innocence & Expression – Programme5


Programme 5 – Theresa Hempsall – Street Scene

Over six sessions participants used different collaging and painting techniques to create a street with different houses, shops and cars on a long piece wallpaper. They learnt about the different kinds of houses and buildings you might see on a street how to use different materials to create interesting patterns. In the first session they learnt about the different kinds of things you might see on a street and told everyone else about the kind of house they live in and where they go, including their places of worship and where they might get food. They began drawing their house on paper and got to colour it in using pencils and pens. Over the next few sessions they learnt how to create different colours, textures and patterns you might find on a house, such as brick, slate and glass and used sponges, rollers and more to paint pieces of paper like these materials. They also painted a long roll of wallpaper with a sky and road for the final piece. Over the last two sessions, they began creating the street scene by cutting out the textures and patterns they had created and sticking them together to make a fully formed house. They also created other things, such as shops, cars, streetlights and dustbins to add more interesting things to their street! The children really enjoyed trying different painting techniques and came up with lots of interesting ideas of things they could put on their street and how they could make different textures and patterns. They liked cutting and sticking their houses together and wanted to make many more designs! They loved the sessions and look forward to attending more like them!  


“I had a really good time making my house come to life” “It was cool because we did different textures” “It was really good because we did a lot of painting.” “Thank you for the help. I would really want to come again.” “I would like to say I really enjoyed my day at Artcore. My favourite thing was sticking.”