Innocence & Expression – Programme3


Programme 3

The first session of this programme began with Jo Bell introducing the participants to the picture book ‘Window’ by Jeannie Baker. Jo then asked the group to think about what they might like to see from their own windows when they are older, she asked them to draw their ‘dream view’ and then create a mosaic based on this drawing from glass tiles. The participants continued to work on their mosaics for the rest of the session. Although they each created individual mosaics, the group worked collaboratively and offered advice and assistance to each other.

The following week’s session started with grouting the mosaics the group had already created. After everyone had finished this, Jo asked them to imagine their dream home and to create a drawing envisioning what it would be like. The participants then made their dream houses out of clay, some made 2D reliefs of flat houses while others created 3D models from the clay. The children all enjoyed thinking about the future and considering what their lives might be like. This theme was continued the following week by thinking about what jobs they imagine themselves doing in the future. Each participant made a papier-mâché model of themselves in their dream job using pipe-cleaners and balloons.

Continuing with papier-mâché, the group worked together to create a large volcano which they continued with in the next session. They also began making new mosaics inspired by Roman designs from cities like Pompeii. In the final session they used clay to recreate the city of Pompeii before erupting the Volcano and destroying the city! All of children enjoyed this finale to the sessions and the celebration afterwards.


“I really enjoyed the painting, we painted the little house and decorated it. Thank you”

“I liked making the papier-mâché model, it was really messy!”

“I really enjoyed making roman house out of clay”

“I really enjoyed today, it was something new to us, hope to come again, I really enjoyed slowly building up the volcano, thank you so much!”

“I liked it best when we made the volcano erupt, boom!”