Innocence & Expression – Programme2


Programme 2

For the second block of sessions participants explored mixed media ranging from papier-mâché to print making resulting in a ‘Fabulous Feast’ for everyone involved. During the first sessions they created objects for a feast including ceramic spoons, printed tablecloths & papier-mâché cakes. The final session saw the participants collaborate on setting up the feast for their parents/carers and themselves.

The feast provided an effective means to initiate communication amongst the young people both in the making stages and in the setting up of the feast. The young people drew upon their own cultural experiences to create items needed for the celebratory feast. Participants feasted together at Artcore with a celebration party at the end. They had become familiar and comfortable in the space and with each other.

Several participants worked alongside their carer due to additional/complex/special needs. The group worked well as a whole with an industrious atmosphere. Some members worked with friends – old and new. Participants and their parents were vocally positive about the sessions and enjoyed looking at all the work that the participants had produced.



“Excited good is very fun”

“I feel proud”

“I made a very good sushi”

“workshop feel very lively & interactive place everyone talking, very polite & kind”

“My favourite spreading cheese on pizza”

“I enjoyed making the card, the crust and the cheese”

“Excited  I enjoy art & crafts & learn something new”

“I like coming here”

“It has been great fun and she’d like to come to more sessions at Artcore”