Inclusive Project


INCLUSIVENESS: Artcore’s approach is firmly rooted in inclusivity and diversity. We have taken a step further to achieving our aims in accessibility with the support from Locality.

This enabled us to provide a further platform for participants of all ages, abilities and backgrounds to come and work together. Some of the things we carried out were:

  • We wanted to understand better the driving principles behind ‘Localism’. Consulting  our clients, primarily BAME and all local residents. We tried to establish whether they had an appetite for Community Action.
  • We wanted to find out what changes our Community most wanted to see and to decide how our future programmes could be designed to meet expressed needs.
  • We wanted to test how different communities could be brought together to discuss issues and influence change.


  • There is an appetite for change but limited awareness of how communities can influence change.
  • We have over 125 nationalities living in the deprived wards which we serve. The communities are insular by nature and do not engage in conversations around community activism and cohesion.
  • There is a serious shortage of community activists and role models.

As a result of all these things we intend to work harder to recruit a wider range of ethnicities and to include inter-cultural dialogue and shared learning  as an integral part of our project delivery.

Artcore is based at the very heart of the community we serve promoting exchange of ideas and knowledge from different cultures and backgrounds, bringing communities together therefore making a positive contribution.

Since the funding we undertook the following projects:

  • Art T time(Engaging 50+ residents from the area)
  • Art to Active Employment (19+unemployed )
  • Innocence and Expression (8 to 18 year olds)
  • Creative Generations (Intergenerational project)
  • Open Hands Project (Community cohesion project in Normanton)

We do believe that we are better positioned to become a truly multi-cultural organisation. We strongly feel that art is a great tool to bring people together. Some of our projects support to engage different generations by working together creatively helping them understand each other’s perspectives and develop relationships which can be taken back into the Community and expanded within the Community.

This supports expanding the active cultural life of Derby, and building up a strong inclusive community with the common goal of good health, well-being and keeping neighborhood safe thus generating and sustaining a positive outlook in life amongst the residents from the neighborhood.