Art in the Park

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Event Details

Art in the Park is a programme of creative sessions in parks in the Arboretum and Normanton area.
• Fun and Learn activities involving children and young people during the summer Holidays.
• Connecting local community through art interventions generating creative ideas using different mediums and techniques.
• Find out about Artcore’s current and upcoming activities that benefits the local community.
• Promoting Derby Feste 2014, a festival which Derby is proud to host .
• Creating awareness about Water and its critical importance to life through the Web of Water Project
This project is for people from Arboretum and Normanton wards to take part in creative activities. Working in a variety of venues,young people are given the opportunity to explore a variety of art mediums. This project helps people to develop new creative skills, boost confidence, strengthened friendships and a sense of community, and using their time constructively in the summer holidays.

Come along and get involved in something arty while enjoying your time in the park,
• Arboretum Park 14th Aug Thursday 10 am to 12pm,
• Byron Park 19th August Tuesday 2pm to 4pm
• Normanton Park 26th August 2pm to 4pm
• Caxton Park 29th August Friday 2pm to 4pm
Activities such as :

WOW Big Draw, Tile painting, Face, painting, Henna painting, Clay moulds, Rangoli