Creative Summer 2016


From the 7th July to the 11th August, NCS have worked with Artcore to create a mural consisting of 250 square tiles. Over the course of 6 weeks, 300 young people from NCS have been coming to Artcore to work on their tiles to create a mural that will be put up on the 12th September at their graduation ceremony at the Roundhouse.

Every Thursday morning (10am – 12pm) and afternoon (1pm – 3pm), one or two teams of 15 walked from the Joseph Wright campus to Artcore. Then, they had a tour of the building followed by a talk detailing the services that Artcore provide, funding, and what career paths are available at Artcore. After that, the young people were given the task of creating their tiles.

On their tiles, the young people were encouraged to paint a picture with acrylic paints of their interpretation of the journeys that NCS have taken them on and how NCS have impacted their lives and made them flourish as individuals. They were also inspired by the ethos behind NCS which is Challenge, Reflection, Inspiration, Social action, Increased independence and Social Mixing and interpreted in their own way what each of the words represented. Some of the participants even decided to work together to complete their tiles.

The reason behind this activity was to get the young people to not only reflect on the ethos behind NCS, but to put it into practice. It brought them closer together as a team as they were encouraged to work together (social mixing), look back on their previous experiences with NCS like the camping and hiking journey (reflection) and from that it gave them ideas on what to paint on their tiles (inspiration). We only gave them hints as to what to do and, from that, they worked either independently (increased independence) or together to finish the tile. They also had to work to a time limit so that was a challenge for them.

Over all, the tile painting activity at Artcore put into practice the ethos of NCS to help create a piece of artwork that is meaningful to each individual. It was great fun and one of the participants said the session was a “fun” experience and they “really enjoyed the session.”

CAS Mauritian Trip

From Saturday 23rdto Friday 29th July, a group of 20 students and 2 teachers from Le Bocage International School in Mauritius travelled to England and visited Artcore as part of their CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) project. CAS is a major component of the IB curriculum which involves the students in a range of activities that are community based.

Creativity – explores arts and other experiences that involve creative thinking.

Activity – explores physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle.

Service – involves an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student.

On Saturday 23rd July, the group landed in Heathrow Airport and then travelled to Derby where they were to stay for the next week. They stayed in the Derby College campus overnight and that was to be their accommodation for the week.

On Sunday morning at Artcore from 10am to 12pm, the group researched and discussed designs for mandalas that they were going to create on circular boards using various art mediums such as acrylic paint, stickers and glitter. Then they had lunch at the Intu Derby food court which was followed by designing and working towards the mandala artworks. At 6pm they had dinner at the food court and returned to their rooms for the night.

The next day was filled with different activities such as participating in outdoor team building activities, joining other teams in a presentation on social action, participating in a workshop led by a guest speaker and a quiz on social action.

On Tuesday from 9am – 12 pm, the Mauritian group finished off their mandalas at Artcore. They then went to Derby’s Silk Mill Museum and had lunch. After lunch, they had a tour of the museum, a discussion and also the young people helped 3D scan.

On Wednesday 27th July, the young people came back to Artcore to engage with the community about fairy tales and painting their mandalas. After that, they went on a tour of Deda and had lunch there. After lunch, they had a tour of Arboretum Park. In the evening, the Mauritian group put on a performance showcasing their singing, dancing and cooking skills. There also was a talk about their heritage and the thought process that went into creating their mandalas. The purpose of the evening was to educate us on Mauritian culture and to have a taste of their homemade cuisine.

The next day was filled with activities like meeting up with a team from Amber Valley, being on site with community organisations, participating in NCS run community activities and team building activities.

On their final day (Friday 29th July), the Mauritian group went shopping in Intu Derby, packed and departed for London.

Family Fun Day at Arboretum Park

On Thursday 11th August, Artcore came to Arboretum Park to participate in their Fun day. We set up a table full of materials such as coloured tissue paper, felt tip pens, paper, card, glue, different textured paper, sequins and pipe cleaners so that members of the public could design their own card, draw, or decorate a red paper boat and take it home with them.

Alongside big banners – which we used for advertising and attracting people, we laid out many eye catching red paper boats to also attract members of the public. Shortly after, members of NCS rearranged the paper boats in their own way. Members of the pubic were free to decorate these boats and take them home with them.

On that day, roughly 10 people visited the stall to draw, find out more information about Artcore and the events or decorate a boat.

Creative Summer at Artcore

From the 27th July to the 17th August every Wednesday, Creative Summer at Artcore has been in full swing.

On the 27th July, participants made mandalas using acrylic paints and the circular boards that were left over from the CAS Mauritian trip.

On the 3rd August, participants made cards for different occasions using a wide range of materials including, sequins, pipe cleaners, different textured and coloured paper, stickers and felt tip pens. Some of the participants were inspired by the concept of pop out cards so they made their very own.

On the last 2 sessions, it was our Rangoli workshop and participants were encouraged to draw a simple design onto a board then choose from a selection of dried food such as rice, lentils, pasta and kidney beans to create a picture.

Creating Vivid Dreams

Creating Vivid Dreams is a programme that runs from the 8th June to the 16th December at Artcore. It aims to bring diverse communities together, encouraging them to develop and learn new skills by offering support to share their stories using creative art mediums.
So far, we’ve seen participants experiment with acrylic paints, mixing them together and seeing the different outcomes. We’ve also seen them not only experimenting with paints, but with different textures, using what they created in a previous session to create collages based off of the popular children’s books by Eric Carle.

Over the months, we will see the artworks expand as the participants create exciting pieces of art which will then be celebrated on the 16th December at a celebratory event.

Innocence and Expression

Innocence and expression is a programme that runs from the 11th June 2016 to the 25th March 2017 at Artcore. It is a free programme in which participants (who are 18 years old or under) learn to work in various artistic mediums such as painting, clay modelling, sandcasting, making mosaics and more.

On the 9th July, participants had the choice of finishing off their mosaics from the previous session, or making a collage out of a range of mediums such as coloured tissue paper, different textured paper, felt, felt tip pens and pastels. On that day, 15 children took part and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

On the 23rd July, ten children took part in making clay slabs. On those clay slabs were pictures of the children’s best memories. They were given the example of a day at the seaside and, from there, they created their own happy memory in the clay.