Ceramic Course for Beginners

Really enjoyable session, lovely to learn new techniques and the history behind them.
Jane is a wonderful teacher with so much knowledge; she is a joy to listen to!
I feel more confident with the clay now as this is my second lesson. It is very relaxing and therapeutic.
I feel more comfortable using clay as I think I found it a lot easier having had some time to use it.
Felt confident and enjoyed thoroughly today’s course. Looking forward to next week.

A very lively first session in the new block of 5, began by understanding our material, holding, kneading and really focusing on the texture of the medium. We had a session filled with a combo of wheel work and hand-building techniques. Normally it is only until week 3 when as a class to we begin
This session was full of excitement and energy, I could tell that everyone in the class was looking forward to their chance at throwing their very own pot.  I began by explaining that they should forget everything they had ever seen before on any game show, about throwing. The only time they needed the wheel

31st July – Coil pots

This evening the class were introduced to the wonders of coil pot making. I had informed the students last session that we would be beating our pots with sticks; this became quite the topic of interest in that session. Ideas began to form and develop; questions were asked: how do we form? How do we
On Tuesday 24th July we held the first session in our new Ceramic Course. These new sessions are paid evening classes led by Jane Smith, they run from 6-8pm and cost £20 per session. During the course of the session we will cover slab pots, pinch pots, thumb pots, coil pots, throwing on the potter’s