The women’s group from JET in Normanton came to Butterfly House to attend a pottery workshop on 16th November 2011. The women enjoyed learning various clay hand-building techniques and having a go on the potter’s wheel. They created beautiful pots that they could take home with them.
The aims of the event for participants are to: Find out what is happening locally Discover a range of support and care options Find out how self directed support is working for people in Derby. There will be guest speakers, short presentations, helpful information and advice, practical workshops and sessions, and a showcase of products

Art Can Change Lives – November 2011

A free art session to showcase the art related activities Artcore offers the local community in Derby. This free event hoped to increase the awareness and encourage local community members, particularly those with physical and mental disabilities to register and enjoy art workshops on a regular basis. People with physical and mental difficulties and people

Meaning of Life – October 2011

Meaning of Life was a series of workshops designed for those affected by stroke and their families and carers. Participants illustrated their thoughts and ideas through several art related exercises which helped them to express their emotions and thoughts, and tell a story – A meaning of life. Workshops included Mosaic, Tile Painting and Sandcasting.
On 1st October, the country will be celebrating UK Day for Older People and Derby will be no different. The Derby 50+ Forum, the Golden Ages Group and Southern Derbyshire Pensioners with the support of Arts and Leisure Development DCC, Derbyshire Police and arts organisations across the city have got together to make this a

Innocence and Expression

Innocence and Expression is a project involving Children in Need from 8 to 18 years. The aim of the project is to support the children in their daily lives with artistic workshops. The second programme of our ‘Innocence and Expression’ project has come to an end. Heidi Luker, an Artcore associated artist, worked with the

Testing News

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The last decade of the 20th century ushered in a world-wide phenomenon called Globalization. It completely changed the way the world’s economy functioned. With the weakening of the socialist and communist ideologies in East Europe and Asian giants like the former USSR and China, capitalist economy as a model to follow gained currency.  A number
Artcore UK in Partnership with Sarjan Art Gallery brought the final phase of ‘Des Pardes: The Challenge of the Glocal’ to India. It was inaugurated on 18th December 2010 by Shri Rajeev Jyoti President and Managing director of Bombardier Transportation India Ltd. and Smt. Shelly Jyoti, Visual Artists and fashion designer.
Butterfly House is situated in the heart of the community in Normanton. The exhibition opened on the 17th September 2010 and was the last UK venue before the exhibition travelled to India. Also, as part of the exhibition Artcore organised a 2 day workshop, where the local community were invited to develop their drawing skills

DesPardes: The I.C.C.A. – August 2010

Artcore presented this exhibition as part of ICCA India’s Independence Day celebrations. The event was opened by the Mayor of Nottingham, and approximately 250 people visited this exhibition.
This was the second phase of the Indo-British Exchange Exhibition, ‘Des Pardes: The Challenge of the Glocal’. At the opening we were pleased to host Chief Guests Colin S. Walton- Bombardier UK Chairman and Neil Harvey- Bombardier UK Director of Communications. Friday 16 July 2010 at 12 noon 48 St. Peters Street, Derby City Centre

DesPardes: Déda – July 2010

The first venue for the exhibition was Deda, Derby’s dance centre. On 1st July 2010 by the Right Worshipful, The Mayor of the City of Derby Councillor Amar Nath inaugurated the exhibition.
A partnership project between Artcore and the Youth Crime Prevention Team, Derby City Council. A series of 6 weeks programme designed for young children to be actively creative and move away from the risk of committing crime. During the sessions each participant will create individual artworks in different mediums which will be exhibited at the
A project focusing on improving self-esteem and improving behaviour, through weekly focused art workshops with a different theme every week such as ‘family and friendship, positive relationships, aspirations, and behaviour. Allowing young people to explore different mediums of art such as clay, plaster carving, sandcasting, paint, mosaic, pottery, etc. The young people targeted are currently