Corona Virus (Covid19)

16 March 2020 Artcore would like to address the current concerns regarding the Coronavirus. We are currently open as usual and intend to remain so unless advised otherwise by the UK Government and Public Health England. We would like to reassure our customers that our events and workshops will go ahead as normal. Artcore will

Spring Time Art Market

Stand Up! Exhibition Launch

AEL Health Updates

On Wednesday our new delivery artist Sarah Perkins will be running Wildlife in Acrylic art sessions. From hedgehogs to birds she will explore the animal kingdom with participants working towards a collective art piece.    

AEL Community Update

We start our Natural Sculpture project with Victoria Brown on Monday looking for inspiration in the natural forms repeated in nature. We will be working towards a group sculpture piece over the 5 sessions.     

Innocence and Expression

Innocence and Expression  with painter Georgia Peskett is in it’s final two sessions! The children are working in collaboration on some exciting large scale canvases to be shown in the community.

#Iwill Street SmArt

Graffiti artist Lucie Maycock has been running three all day sessions with 90 kids from St.James school to create nine large boards, with the theme of Urban Paradise.The children have been spray painting recognisable buildings from Derby and painting decorative plants and flowers throughout the buildings.

Ceramics Workshop

Our first evening classes were a big hit at Albert Street. Inspired The Great Pottery Throwdown we’ve been running a ceramics class with Kathryn Borg.

Arise and Thrive

We had a great day celebrating wellbeing on 19th Feb. It started with an interesting panel discussion on arts and health from Phillipa Buchanan (Inspirative arts), Emma Bailey, (Air Arts) and Angie Page (Creative Living Participant).

AEL Family Day

On Friday 21st February we had Dawn Campion join us painting funky plant pots! Both children and parents got involved and painted their own pots, some of the participants painted abstract creations and others kept to themes such as bees and butterflies.


This month Kathryn Borg completed the START sessions, creating moons and craters with the children out of paper mache. The children also had a go at sketching moons, they focused on shading and highlighting the craters. Kathryn delivered the sessions at three different schools and showed the children her own pottery work. They all really

This is Derby ReImagine

After Bob Moulder’s exciting idea generation sessions with St James Primary and Pear Tree Primary the children have come up with their final themes for their performance.


Kathryn Borg has been our lead artist this year on our STEAM project, working with both Dale Community Primary School and Zaytouna Primary School.

Dare to Dream

We kick started our exciting Dare to Dream 2020 programme with a creative dreaming session. Participants thought about where they want to be in 5 years and the steps they need to get there.

AEL Education

Our AEL education started the year off with Bob Moulder’s wildlife and beaver dam workshops. The children learnt about the engineering of beavers and created a collaborative beaver dam together and their own individual 3D beavers!