Art In Modern Culture

Artcore is known for its excellent proficiency in understanding of modern, contemporary well appreciated exhibitions which are the outcomes of local, national and international residencies and consistent interaction with the artist fraternity working in diverse areas. The purpose of Artcore gallery is to foster new and relevant opportunities for emerging artist collaborations with intricate research based curatorial artistic projects. For the same Artcore offers the well-equipped gallery space for both upcoming and established artists working in various mediums ranging from conventional methods to new media art and installations to performance art. 

“Bloody Boats by Akshata Naik” was one such very well received exhibition, launched on 26th January 2016 based on the topical issue of Syrian civil war and migrant crisis. Akshata Naik, an International artist managed to leave a long lasting impact on the viewers, audiences and press and media. The sensitivity and insensitivity both play contradictory role at the utmost in the series ‘The Bloody Boats’. The exhibition allowed Akshata’s career to enhance also raised such awareness across the local community and gained attention in the media both locally and internationally. Highlighting the migration crisis it was televised as well broadcast on radio to spark discussion on such a topical debate.

We develop similar projects, workshops based extensively in public arts involving community groups, school, college, students and other organizations with similar interests. We introduce collaborative outreach for artists, curators with modern approach to new audiences internationally and locally.

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