Art Enhancing Life – Health and Wellbeing – Programme9

During these sessions the participants had a go at wet felting with Emma Reynard. Some of the participants had already attended the previous felt making sessions, so were familiar with this technique, whilst for others it was a new skill to master. Emma demonstrated different techniques including pre-felting and ‘appliqueing’. Participants made flat and 3D pieces using needle felting and were showed the difference between fibres which included different breeds of sheep from various countries. Some people made flowers and poppies and other made animals.

One participant had increased independence and created lovely patterns on their piece using inspiration from an Aboriginal artwork. Some participants came with carers and, although their speech was limited, they really engaged with the technique and enjoyed feeling capable. Every session had a good mood and a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It took lots of wool and determination so it was great to see how each individual interpreted this technique. Everyone ‘s work was different and unique to them, with many participants getting more and more confident as the sessions went on.


“excellent art session, I learn how to make a felt decoration”

“really enjoyed today, was lovely to learn another skill”

“really good to try different aspect of felting & build on the skill”

“first time done felting, got into it thank you”

“really good session with Emma, enjoyed everything she show me to do”

“very good session, thank all who helped me with all I’ve done this morning and enjoyed the company”

“had a lovely first time at this group loved the craft had a great time felting”

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