Art Enhancing Life – Health and Wellbeing – Programme8

In these sessions, the visiting artist Emerciana showed participants how to create multiple mixed media pieces, with a variety of techniques focussing on expressing themselves.

The participants had the chance to do two or three paintings and collages, which they carried on to complete in between all the sessions.

In the beginning, the participants found a variety of images and resources to draw inspiration from in order to start creating their pieces. Each participant then picked a theme of which each would work on in the duration of the workshop. The group got excited to start creating their pieces and they were all engaging together, bouncing ideas around the room.

Emerciana introduced a variety of techniques to group such as using gold leaf to decorate, sketching out ideas, mixing and matching different pictures to match the theme and the colours of the collage/painting.

All participants were happy with their outcome and they were eager to continue making new pieces in the future.


“Session was very enjoyable with great guidance.”

“I really loved being in this atmosphere”

“Emerciana was very helpful and she showed us some lovely techniques we could use for our pieces.”

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