Art Enhancing Life – Health and Wellbeing – Programme7

Victoria Brown led the next set of Health and Wellbeing focussed workshops looking at colour mixing and colour therapy. Victoria took inspiration from the chakras and focussed on a different colour each week the symbolised a different part of the body. The group reflected on the throat, the crown, the root, the solar plexus, and the heart through the course of the five sessions.

The group also took inspiration from different artworks during the sessions, including pieces by well-known artists like Kandinsky and Van Gogh as well as some works by Artcore artists1, including Victoria’s own work. The participants began by working on pieces of paper to create their designs before creating a final canvas work at the end of the sessions. For each workshop, Victoria brought in a variety of objects that fitted the colour themes for the week. Many of the objects appears in the final works, but had been abstracted or exaggerated through each participant’s unique creativity.

During the sessions the group listed to gentle music which they decided on as a group, this included music from all over the world including pieces by Omar Akram, a Grammy winning Afghan-American pianist.


‘Wonderful session, very de-stressing, I find Victoria very approachable and caring.’

‘Thank you Victoria for the opportunity to use patterns and range of red, oranges, and related tones, I found it very useful and relaxing.’

‘It was very nice to join you today in the art class, I found it very helpful for me to relax and be creative.’

‘I really enjoyed this workshop with Victoria, starting with drawing and collaging first was really useful and I enjoyed having the time to experiment.’

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