Art Enhancing Life – Health- Programme4

Programme 4 was delivered by Thomas Robertson and took us on a relaxed journey of self-discovery. We encouraged each participant to write, draw or say something unique about themselves to explore their inner feelings, something which they may not verbalise, or feel they can talk about freely. This resulted in a range of different outcomes which included everything from small doodles to written sentences forming the basis of a larger drawing. The participants examined how they see themselves, or would like to see themselves. Results included Tim Burton inspired characters, a drawing of a family dinner based on traditional values and a diary from which that participant relies on. They created a self-portrait standing up, with the paper attached to the wall to allow more expression and freedom of movement. Participants were able to use graphite or colour pencils and charcoal in any combination they wished. We had some great results from this which included a range of responses from a fruit inspired self-portrait to more traditional representational drawings. We continued to encourage the group to draw both from observation and without looking at their drawings on blind contour drawing where each participant looked at their neighbour and with their hand and paper covered up drew them without looking and without removing the pencil from the page. This created a lot of laughs and really helped the group to loosen up their drawing. The participants learnt about colour theory and mixing acrylic paints.

The comments that were made were so enthused each week, such as


‘What a great session, the time flew by, perfect venue, warm and welcoming all equipment ready to go, Tom was a good session leader, can’t wait to come back’

‘I really enjoyed this session and being able to express my feelings in art. Thanks to Tom for his tips’

‘The art class was very good, enjoyed drawing sketching. I am not to artistic. Thank you’

‘Under the guidance of Tom I drew a mug and biscuit made a simple tree and I made a portrait of one of the participants’

‘I have seen an improvement in my own work, thank you Tom it’s been a great session’

‘Enjoyable class. I has a good laugh drawing portraits’

‘Very expressive and intriguing’

‘I enjoyed mixing the different colour to make the primary colour, warm colours and monochromatic colours and also secondary colours’

‘I enjoyed learning about how to mix colours and I really enjoyed the fruit drawing and painting’

‘Ace! I loved it!’

‘Thanks Tom brilliant learning new ways of using paint. I have learnt a lot today. Thanks very much. Think you need a pay rise LOL’

‘First time painting in 20 yrs and the guidance from Tom was wonderful’

‘I have really been happy here today so pleased my friend found out about this place, thank you’

‘I look forward to the art session, I really didn’t know I could draw’

‘What a great time, where did the time go? Thank you Tom, loved it!’

‘I had a good time with a new team art Art Core today. They have given me an opportunity to try to draw my feelings’

‘Very enjoyable and fun. Tom is great and he made the session enjoyable and fun’

‘I enjoyed drawing the palm tree and my portrait with the help of Tom. Today’s Art Core class is very interesting’

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