Art Enhancing Life – Health- Programme3

Clare Goddard’s workshops were concentrated around a recycled theme using a variety of waste papers and tea papers. The tea papers were dried and pressed to be used as an art medium with inks and food colouring. Samples were shown as a starting point to inspire and initiate ideas. Participants were encouraged to consider what papers they wanted to recycle and were encouraged to collect and incorporate their own papers into their creations. These papers were collaged to form abstract scenes and patterns to the participant’s choice. Layers of paper were built up and worked on top of with inks and threads. They discussed what can be made with recycled materials and the possibilities that could be explored including colour, shades, tones, pattern and compositions. They produced various textile related patterns and collages.

Participants were encouraged to experiment and not be afraid of making mistakes. They considered that the process and enjoyment of the making was more important than the actual finished artwork. These workshops provided a starting point and enabled confidence within participants to build on their ideas and continue working on self-directed pieces. They worked with conversation in the group, helping and giving advice at times on each other’s work. The sessions began very quietly but by the end the participants were communicating with each other and very friendly. The group began to communicate with each other more as the sessions progressed.


‘Enjoyed the session, improved skills, liked artwork that was produced’

‘Enjoyed the company of a group’

‘Enjoyed the session, liked artwork that was produced, will carry on working at home with ideas from the workshop’

‘I am really enjoying this workshop, I used tea bags to make a bunch of roses, which is very beautiful! Thank you for the lovely tutor and staffs, they are very kind and helpful. Good place to come’

‘Thanks for making tea bag design, brilliant, good friends, nice to meet you. I enjoyed everything, good company’

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