Art Enhancing Life – Health- Programme2

Experienced artist Nicola Dennett was the next artist to work with the Health and Wellbeing programme, her workshop goal was to create a patchwork quilt. The design, told a story of aspects of the lives of the participants, beginning with mind mapping their ideas. Chatting over a cup of tea, making stencils, prepping fabric, communicating what their idea of a collaborative quilt is. Whilst aiming to create designs and stitch up to five squares each for it to be displayed at the end of the sessions -where possible. These workshops catered for all ages and abilities. Sewing techniques were simple and were taught with the options of gluing and using iron on fabrics for those who found sewing more difficult.

Nicola encouraged everyone to have a go, participants used both plain and patterned fabric squares in various colours for their backgrounds. As well, they cut stencils from card to use as templates and then used them to cut out designs in contrasting or matching coloured fabrics. Decorating them by using sequins, buttons, or fabric pens and then these were sewn onto the squares by hand.

Deciding how the squares would fit together was made fun, over more tea, on another session, discussions were had over the order of squares, and then it was pinned together by the group. Who then finished off any unfinished squares, or made extra squares to make the quilt a large whole square. The text and names were added to the squares by embroidery. Everyone had lovely things to say about what they had achieved.



‘I enjoyed making earrings with tassels’ particpant

‘I made a lotus flower, it was a real challenge’ participant

‘I really enjoyed it’ participant

‘I enjoyed creating the designs on fabric’ particpant


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