Art Enhancing Life – Health and Wellbeing – Programme10

This programme was looking at design, cutting and hand sewing jointed teddy bears with Dawn Campion. Everyone was supported by Dawn to make a teddy bear with each one looking so different and unique. During the sessions everyone got on well with each other and looked forward to coming each week it was described as a ‘family’!

One participant was overwhelmed at the thought of making a bear that would have moving parts, but through encouragement this turned to excitement. Continuing through struggles the participant listened and took everything on board completing a fully movable bear at the end of the workshops. 

During the session the participants had a good chat about how sewing can reduce mental health problems and also help with pain. Everyone on the course has created very different bears with participants commenting and helping each other: “We are a team”



“I was really excited about this course and enjoyed Dawn’s bear. I met new people and enjoyed talking to them. Thank you Artcore”

“really enjoyable crafting session, great company and teaching is very good”

“I’ve been unable to attend the full 3 hours but in the time I’ve been here I feel supported, thank you Dawn & Artcore for this opportunity to continuing learning new skill”

“another great session, very informal group, great company, thank you”

“Bear finished today, started a ladybird. Great company.”

“Finished my bear, love it! Started a ladybird. I love this workshop, look forward to it each week.”

“Thanks for making me a confident sewer and letting me have fun.”

“Thank you Dawn, this is a life-saving time for me to be here doing something creative.”

“Great session, lots of chatting & crafting. Dawn is full of great interesting ideas. Thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this group. Thank you”

“I’m glad that I was able to attend for a bit longer today. Nice to hear happy cheer, much better I am being on my own, thank you to everyone in the group, thank you Dawn”

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