Art Enhancing Life – Health- Programme1

Victoria Brown led these first five sessions which focussed on wellbeing and confidence by supporting participants to appreciate the present, enjoy the natural world and feel connected to it. The work was expressive responding to images, poems, music & memories associated with the elements; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Victoria brought in natural materials or images each week so participants connected first hand to the elements and showed them examples of her own paintings & those of other artists. She supported each participant to observe each element they worked on creating a small sketchbook diary using words, images or photos in their own time.

They looked at images of trees, branches and wood pieces to create compositions using bark rubbings, sketches of trees and mixing natural colours to paint the pattern and texture of bark. They painted the sun and sky mixing red & yellow warm colours and experimenting with inks and different tools to create texture. By breaking down and grinding leaves, sand, chalk and soil they painted with new materials and created works with earth tones. They worked collaboratively on a large group mural mixing calming watery tones with paints and using reflective materials to catch the light.

Each group member worked independently and developed their own ideas so each piece was different. The group worked well together and were supportive of each other taking delight and inspirations in each other’s ideas. Participants shared how they enjoyed coming to the art sessions at Artcore and one said how it has important it has been on their health recovery and how important it has been to them attributing it to saving their life.


‘I’d forgotten I smoke, I was so focused in this I forgot all about it’ – participant

‘It’s amazing what I can do when I put my mind to it’ – participant

‘Painting is very therapeutic’ – participant

‘I enjoyed doing the big picture & the staff were very helpful’ – participant

‘I enjoyed painting the water & being part of a group’ – participant

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