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Artcore delivers Art in Health and Well-being workshops over 46 weeks of the year that will address issues facing people with physical and mental health difficulties that are also at risk of isolation. The workshops are delivered in an inclusive environment that will help restore self-esteem and be targeted at teaching new skills to help participants express their feelings - this is also incredibly helpful for dementia sufferers as it improves life quality. Workshops will be held at Artcore and in community spaces -including care homes.

Artcore will work with various partners including Adult Social Care, Age Uk, the NHS and variety of Care Homes and Community Organisations during this time, in order to achieve holistic individual outcomes.

Artists will encourage bonding through art mediums and this will mean people get the most benefit they can from activities as they can share their work with their individual worker. Taking part will either be by a referral system, marketing, or even self-referral. The referrers may want to support participants during workshops although there would be a range of Artcores amazing volunteers on hand.

Art is known to have a very positive effect on mental health and dementia sufferers alike helping to create a longer term benefit as art becomes their voice. 

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