Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme7

Art Enhancing Life - Education- Programme 7

During November and December our children delved into a world of magic and optical illusion with Katie Petraitis. In the first session they were introduced to the magic of UV and produced images with hidden elements only visible under UV light in a dark room. Artcore was a hive of activity and it was great to see the children’s ideas come to life. We had everything from day images that turn to night in the dark, to Christmas scenes with hidden decorations and secret messages hidden in beautiful pictures.

As the weeks progressed Katie introduced different techniques to help the children understand how to produce illusions. The children learned how to magically turn a black and white image to colour and make classic optical illusions like image spinners, spot cards, colour mixers and magic tubes. They explored folding images, lenticular pictures which altered from different angles and how to use a range of simple invisible inks to produce different outcomes. This was a great opportunity to have the children think about their images in a different way while learn about the different properties of optics. They thought about what imagery could they hide to give their pictures different meanings and how even the most normal scene can become unexpected with a little magic.

Even from Katie’s first session some of our quieter participants started to come out of their shells through doing their art activities. Given time to explore their own thoughts, those that were initially hesitant left the session having produced work to be proud of. The activities were adaptable so children could make their work more complex if they wanted and many of the children were excited to show their parents and guardians what they’d been working on when they came to collect them.




"I really like how you couldn't see the UV in the normal light"

"I loved it today it was really good"

"The session was good like as always"

"Today I had a really good time and I had lot of fun"

"I think it was fun learning magic"

"I had fun and it was exciting, I like how the magic pictures turned into something else"

"I had lot of fun at Katie course, I really liked the monster"

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