Art Enhancing Life – Education- Programme 6

Bob Moulder’s session, Design Magic, was a creative workshop with the intention for children to create their own magic potion. They produced a label designed using digital means and colourful content for the inside of their chosen bottle.

On the first week of the workshop, the participants had the chance to create a concept for a potion using drawing and collaging. The little ones enjoyed this quite a lot as they had the opportunity to let their imagination run wild with creating unfathomed potions with endless possibilities. The group got very excited and started coming up with loads of ideas, which they would want to create.

Following on, they used computer programs to digitalise and put together their concepts for their potions using laptops. Each of the participants shared their ideas and skills on power point, and came up with some lovely designs for their potion labels. As the sessions progressed, Bob noticed that the group came closer together and bonded even more.

In the final session the young participants had to create a shop front installation around the workshop area, in order to promote and sell their potions. They created a strip of individual shops, where each participant sold their creations. The group was proud of creating something so unique and they were excited to show pictures of their creations.



“This workshop was super fun and creative”

“I am proud of myself for what I created”

“I enjoyed making the shop fronts with the cardboard”

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